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Rain Bird 1400 Series Pressure compensating Bubbler w/screen. Rain Bird 1400 Series PC full circle bubblers provide a controlled, gentle umbrella of water for irrigating trees, flowers and shrub areas where pressure compensation is required.

Mount these bubblers on 1/2" male risers to effectively water areas from 1' to 3'.

*Low flow rates allow water to be absorbed as needed.

*Reduces runoff.

*Flow will not fluctuate at pressures between 20 and 90 psi.

*Maintains even flow.

*Flow is not adjustable for increased vandal resistance.

*No adjustment required.

*Corrosion-proof plastic and rubber construction for long life.

*Five-year professional customer satisfaction policy.

*Shipped with special SR-050 1/2" (15/21) bubbler filter screen for easy installation and resistance to debris.

*Trickle pattern on models 1401 and 1402; umbrella pattern on models 1404 and 1408.

1401 0.25 gpm (1/4 gpm)(0,06 m3/h; 0,02 l/s) full-circle, trickle pattern

1402 0.50 gpm (1/2 gpm)(0,11 m3/h; 0,03 l/s) full-circle, trickle pattern

1404 1.00 gpm (0,23 m3/h; 0,06 l/s) full-circle, umbrella pattern

1408 2.00 gpm (0,46 m3/h; 0,13 l/s) full-circle, umbrella pattern

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