QUARTER SQUARE PATTERN XPCN NOZZLE. The XPCN is the most precise low-volume spray solution for irrigating small areas with dense plantings. What sets this nozzle apart is its pressure compensating ability and square wetting pattern – delivering superior soil moisture control and uniformity. In addition, its pressure-compensating flow washer ensures that you will have consistent flow rates regardless of pressure fluctuation or run length. For added design and installation flexibility, the nozzle easily adjusts throw distances from 2.5’ to 4’. Offers a precise square wetting pattern – reducing overspray, overwatering and runoff Allows efficient control of water placement with pressure compensation – resulting in up to 65% water savings Compatible with all 1800® Series and UNI-SPRAY® Series spray heads, Xeri-Pop™ micro sprays, Polyflex Risers (using patent-pending PFR adapter) and Schedule 80 risers (using the PA-8S shrub adapter) Highest distribution uniformity* in the industry for short radius nozzles Adjustable radius in one unit makes design and installation simple